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Rui Bang smart chairman Shi Ming new spring message

Rui Bang smart chairman Shi Ming new spring message

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One dollar, Vientiane update. On behalf of Zhejiang Ruibang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to our valued customers, industry colleagues, China Meat Association and China Meat Processing Machinery Professional Committee, and has been concerned about and support the development of our company All levels of government, friends from all walks of life, to the best of the New Year blessing!
The past 2016 is an extraordinary year, the economic tightening, the development of cold; 2016 is a difficult year, the real industry is facing unprecedented challenges. But we still have hope, have faith, focus on the future of the long-term development and the company's century Foundation, we adjust the overall planning strategy, clear the strategic objectives.
"Quality change the world, innovation to lead the future"! In 2016, we Rui Bang in many areas continue to achieve fruitful results - to further increase technological innovation, strengthen the patent protection, speed up the progress of new projects ... these achievements are our hard work, consolidate the results of the foundation ; Is full of "integrity, self-improvement, fine, excellent" corporate culture advocate hard work, love and dedication of the results, in this, I express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff!
Finally, I wish you good health, family happiness, work smoothly, "chicken" wishful!