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Primal cutting line

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l Functions:Theprimalcuttinglinesaremainlyusedtocutthecarcassafteritcomesoutoftheslaughteringarea.Thecarcasswillbecutgenerallybythediscsawwhichismountedontheupwardsideoftheconveyorbelt.Itperformsmajor

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The primal cutting lines are mainly used to cut the carcass after it comes out of the slaughtering area. The carcass will be cut generally by the disc saw which is mounted on the upward side of the conveyor belt. It performs major cuts on the loaded carcass mostly in 3 parts, front, middle and rear. Only a worker is needed to position the carcass with the aid of laser beam indicator of the disc saw. Then each major part of the carcass shall be distributed to each deboning platform by the conveyor lines.



1. The sharp saw imported from Germany can be swirled at 180ºwith the hydraulic pump, easy to clean.

2. The disc saw is driven by a geared motor with cover.

3. The disc saw is equipped with a laser beam indicator, easy to position and operate.

4. The disc saw is equipped with an inductive detector, avoiding the incorrect operation.

5. The disc saw is equipped with a saw wastes collector, sanitary and easy to clean.

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