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Packaging line

Product model:


Product characteristics

l Functions:Thepackinglineconsistsoftwotierslines:theupsidelineandthebottomline.Theplasticcrateswithdeboning-finishedmeatcutsaretransmittedbythebottomline,andtheemptyandcleanplasticcratesaretransmitte

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Product details


The packing line consists of two tiers lines: the upside line and the bottom line. The plastic crates with deboning-finished meat cuts are transmitted by the bottom line, and the empty and clean plastic crates are transmitted by the upside line. The used crates come to the automatic crate washer where they will be sterilized and dried out.



1. Modular belt conveyor, and each part of the processing platform conveyor can be dismantled and washed up individually.

2. The two-side protecting rails avoid the slipping and being off tracking of the conveyor belt; also can protect the meat cuts from dropping on the ground.

3. The packing platforms are designed as two-level and the working efficiency is improved to some extent. 

4. The cams on the modular belt can ensure the stable and safe transport of the plastic crates. 

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