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Horizontal vacuum tumbler

Product model:


Product characteristics

l FunctionandWorkingPrincipleThemeatwillbemassaged,threshedandheldbyrotatingpaddleunderforcedcirculationandbeprocessedundervacuumandnaturalpressureconditionalternatelyandthatwillacceleratethebrineinfi

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Product details


Function and Working Principle

The meat will be massaged, threshed and held by rotating paddle under forced circulation and be processed under vacuum and natural pressure condition alternately and that will accelerate the brine infiltration and the dissolving and extraction of parapeptone. By this method, the product ratio will be improved.



500L, 750L,1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 2500L, 3000L, 3500L



Pneumatic loading device, 500L suction cart for vacuum suction loading



1.      Adopt PLC controller. It operates automatically and any kind of data can be set easily by touch screen. The operation is safe and reliable.

2.      Continuously variable speed by inverter and the start is stable. The operation speed can be adjusted within the range of 2-12 rpm. It suits many kind of processing condition.

3.      Using breathing tumbling that makes the raw meat be processed under vacuum and natural pressure condition alternately and processing time will be shortened effectively.

4.      Vacuum suction system assisting for the loading. The 500L meat cart is of extra cost.

5.      Optional paddles (blade-shape or V-shape) for different products, reverse rotation to discharge. For poultry, the V-shape paddles will be perfect which can protect the skin of poultry.

6.      There is a hole designed in the middle of the drum especially for cleaning and drain, which will enable the drum be cleaned completely.

7.      It is made of high quality stainless steel and the component adopted for electrical controlling and vacuum controlling are world-famous brand, which are reliable and durable.


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