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Fast Chiller

Product model:


Product characteristics


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Product details


The products that have been under thermal treatment will be pushed into the intensive chiller and will go through water shower and cold air cooling. When products reach the required core temperature (it can be set on the control panel), they can be transported to be packed directly.



    Central chilling, high efficiency and low energy-consumption, shorten the cooling processing time to a big extent.

    Less weight loss of products

    Rapidly pass the sensitive temperature range (40℃--15℃) of bacteria breeding.

    Longer durability of products

    Improving product return

    Have ramp to load and unload, sanitary



    Refrigerant: Freon (Ammonia also optional)

    Average chilling effect due to circulating system based on RUN-FLOW technology

    High efficient showering and no dead corner

    Showering time, cold air temperature, time and final core temperature can be set on the operating panel

    PLC controlling; stable processing

    Easy installation and convenient transportation due to chamber-modular design

    Fully welded construction of stainless steel, Convenient design for using trolley,Solid and durable, hygienically perfect operation

    The data and running can be continued when the machine is interrupted or broke down.


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