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Horizontal Airflow Smokehouse

Product model:


Product characteristics

l FUNCTION:Drying,Cooking,Smoking,ReddeningOptionalColdsmokingandbaking l HEATINGRESOURCES:Steam,Electric,NG,LPG l SMOKINGOPTIONS:Woodchipsmokingorliquidsmoking l CAPACITY:1-8trolleysflexibledesign l

Key words: Equipment

Product details


Drying, Cooking, Smoking, Reddening

Optional Cold smoking and baking



Steam, Electric, NG, LPG



Woodchip smoking or liquid smoking



1- 8 trolleys flexible design



a)      Unique technology to guarantee the average circulation of the horizontal airflow, efficiently keeping the consistency of the temperature and humidity during the drying, cooking, smoking, thus, the average color and flavor can be guaranteed.

b)     Alternatively change of the left and right airflow direction, to guarantee the consistency of the drying and smoking performance.

c)      Automatically controlled by PLC, the processing data & recipes and the programs can be set through the touch screen.

d)     The running status of the machine can be shown and recorded; various data can be set, revised through the touch screen.

e)     Special designed fan with low air speed and high air pressure, high efficiency, low energy costing and low noise. Optional adjustable air speeds.

f)      The chambers are modular constructed, easy to assemble; every chamber wall is insulated with polyurethane foam (or rock wool for temperature higher than 100 Celsius degree), good heat insulation.

g)     The trolley ramp of the machine is with small angle, solid and safe constructed; convenient for exit & entrance of the trolley, thoroughly decrease the contamination of the folding platform to the products inside the chamber.

h)     The fault diagnosis function of the system can show the current fault happened in the machine on the touch screen, convenient for the daily maintenance of the machine.

i)       World-famous electrical and pneumatic components are adopted, stable performance and reliable.

j)       The humidity controlling valve is equipped; the humidity during the reddening and smoking process can be efficiently controlled.

k)      The machine can restart with all the original working data continuing running when it comes across the sudden blackout or fault shutdown.

l)       The external wood chip smoke generator is adopted, adjustable smoke amount and density.

m)    The cleaning system is modular designed, the cleaning position can be chosen by the operator.

n)     Fire alarm is available.

o)     Modular construction. Quite space saving in the container shipping.


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