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Brief Introduction

RYXS-2/4B sideheat horizontal airflow smokehouses have the functions of drying, smoking, cooking and baking for bacon, jerky, sausage,ham and other meat products.

Product Features

1. Adopt H-AIRFLOW technology to make the airflow run horizontally to keep the color and taste consistency of the flat-spreading products.

2. Special air duct to keep the same airflow circulation and temperature consistent inside the chamber. 3. Heat exchanger at two sides, bringing the high heat exchanging efficiency, and keep the temperature rising fast.

4.Active exhausting system to shorten the drying time.

5.PLC + touch screen control, to directly show the condition of the processing program and the status of the smokehouse.

6.Special automatic cleaning system to make the perfect cleaning and maintenance.

7.lnter-lock system to meet the request of HACCP.

8.World famous parts used to ensure the quality and reliability.

9.Special humidity controling system to control the humidity in smoking and reddening.

10. Adopt the reliable draining valve to increase the steam efficiency.

11. PID temperature controlling to precisely control the temperature to keep the best

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