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Automatic crate washer

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Brief Introduction

Plastic crates should be necessarily returned to the crate washer to getcleaned and dried once they are used. The automatic crate washer consists ofthree steps of washing.

The 1st step is to wash the crates with water of 42℃; the 2nd step is to wash the crates with water of 82 ℃;And the 3rd stepis to rinse the crates with water.

The water nozzles used in these three stepscan be all adjusted and dismantled. Besides, the filtered water can be ofcyclic utilization. The clean crates will be transmitted to the drying device to getdried out.

After being dried, they will be distributed to the upside lines and towhere they are needed most among all the working lines.

Product Features

1.Modular construction.And the whole machine is made of SUS304.The surface is sand-blasted.

2.The pipes are buckled and this is easy to clean and assemble. The transmitting chains and nozzles are made of stainless steel,long durability.

3. Photoelectric Sensor adopted to control the water consumption. The water valve only opens when the sensor detects the crate.

4. The protecting rails can be flexibly adjusted to adapt to the widthof crates and various typesof crates can be washed.

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