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Steam cooker RZXF

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Brief Introduction

RZXF cooking oven is suitable for cooking all sorts of sausages, hams, chicken, and seafood etc.

Product Features

1.The unique RUN-FLOW technology is used to guarantee the uniform circulation airflow and heating consistency.

2.The time or core temperature control system is adopted, and the temperature recording and printing system, central monitoring and remote-maintenance are optional.

3.Modularized chamber construction makes the easy installation and transportation, also the expansion of more chambers is available. Single row or Double rows; one door at one side or two doors at both sides, and optional mutual interlocking gear for cooked/uncooked areas.

4. Fully-welded construction is made of high quality stainless steel.

5.The polyurethane heat isolation has a high performance to keep the heat and save energy.

6. Reliable sealing of the doors.

7.Convenient ramp design for trolley load/discharge.

8. Adopt world-famous brand components.

We also offer the cooking oven with max. temperature over 100 °C as required.


Standardized door opening size: 1090x2010(mm)

Standardized trolley: 1025x1020x1950(mm)

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