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Brief Introduction

The RYXS smokehouses not only have the general functions of cooking, drying, smoking andbaking, but also have the optional functions of cold smoking, roasting, showering and cold smoking. Special design for sausage, bacon, fish, duck neck, chicken wings and legs, jerky and otherproducts which are hung on the stick or flat-spreading on the tray.

Product features

1.The patentedH-TRANSFORM technology, adopted in the RYXS smokehouse, can maketheairflow run horizontal and alternate to ensure the products be processed undercontrollable and uniform status in every corner.

2.The active drying system shortens the drying time to improve the production efficiency.

3.The special designed trolley allows the expansion of the trays on it.

4. The RYMP system, which is based on programmable technology, and the RYPC system,which is based on PC technology, can provide convenient supervision to the total productionprocess together with the touch screen. Users can set particular processingprogram and adjust production processes flexibly, and the processing parameter, monitoring etc. can also be recorded. 

5.We supply many kinds of smoke generators which are controlled by smokehouse system: External woodchip-smoldered smoke generator, internal woodchip-smoldered smoke generator, sawdust smoke generator, liquid smoke atomizer

6.We supply many kinds of heating types:Steam heating, Electric heating, Gas heating and Oil heating.

7.High-efficientautomatic cleaning system, the cleaning program can be set in the main controlling system.

8.Modular construction, easy to transport and install, also the expansion of the system capacity possible. Single row or Double rows; one door at one side or two doors at each side as a tunnel type, and optionalmutual interlocking gear for cooked/uncooked areas.

9. Full-welded structure by high quality stainless steel/reliabledoor sealing structure and heat-insulation wall/ramp-design, easy to load and discharge the trolleys.

10. Adopting world-famous electric components.

11.Equip world-famous mating components.


1. The production capacity is different according to different products.

2. The driving power does not include the smoke generator. 

3. H is standard height for steam or electric heating type. For the extra cold smoking, higher temperature for baking or gas/fuel heating,the dimension will also change with it.

4. Cold smoking functionrequires the extra cooling system.

5.Higher temperature for bakingrequires the extra electric heatingfor assistance.

6.Standard door: 1090 x 2010(mm)

7.Standard trolley: 1025 x 1020 x 1950(mm)

8.Internal length: L- 150(mm)

9.Power supply: 3∮380V/50Hz.

It can be customized according to the local power supply of different countries.

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