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Crate washer

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The crate washer has the functions of washing, sterilizing, drying. And this drying function is optional.

Plastic crates should be necessarily returned by conveyor or manually to the crate washer to get cleaned and dried once they are used. The automatic crate washer consists of three steps of washing.

The 1st step is to wash the crates with warm water of 42 0C,the nozzles which are easy to be adjusted and disassembled will spray water into each corner of the crates; Some used water will pour into the sewage pipe net, but mostly will be recycled after being filtered.

The 2nd step is to wash the crates with hot water of 82 0C, to sterilize the crates, and the used water will be recycled;

And the 3rd step is to rinse the crates with the booster pump. The used water can be recycled at the first stage again. After washing, the crates will be transported to the drying machine by the chain conveyor of the drying machine. After washing, the crates will be transported to the drying machine by the chain conveyor.

And the washed crates will be dried by 1 set of centrifugal fan. The dried crates will be taken away manually or transported to somewhere by the conveyor. This drying function is optional. Customer can choose to have it or not.


Technical data:

   Standard crate dimension: L600mm x W430mm x H370mm

   (Please NOTICE: This dimension can be customized as client’s production requirement. Our crate washer can wash different sizes of crates.)

Power supply: 380V/50Hz/3ph

Washing capacity:Max.900 crates/hour (We also have the Crate washer IV, it can wash max.1500 crates/hour)

Crates conveying speed:0-17m/min(adjustable by frequency inverter)

Crates loading height: 1000mm

Loading capacity of conveyor belts: 50kg/m

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