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Enterprise efficient execution force training camp successfully concluded

Enterprise efficient execution force training camp successfully concluded

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Warmly congratulate the first phase of the company's high-performance executive training camp on September 9, the successful conclusion of this training based on the spirit of the artisans spirit of the infiltration of the teaching model, the main course of the course: to find out the implementation of the problem, The problem, to solve the problem of execution; classroom 30%, pre-class case development, talk less, reflection training, more experience, manual, mouth dynamic, heart, active, active, difficult to practice class; , The problem for the professor center, explain the profound things in a simple way to enhance the implementation of the difficulty of the crack method.

The participants in this training are Shi Ming, chairman of the board, I wish the general manager of the team, the team leader and above staff, execution and empathy thinking article winners, there are auditors and other business representatives. Although the training time is not long, but the theme focused, rich in content, distinctive, pragmatic. Will be divided into five groups of participants, the use of groups in the form of confrontation, to improve the enthusiasm of the participants, increase the fun of the meeting. First of all, each group through the analysis of Ruibang intelligence at this stage of the executive status of the present situation, for example, the company's existing problems and deficiencies; and then through the team to discuss the reasons for the problems and shortcomings, from the whole chain to find the problem, In the end, the group in the cause of finding a way to find a way in the problem, how to improve the ability of our various departments of convergence, improve our overall executive power for the company faster and better development to find power.

Ruibang smart growth can not be separated from the customer's support and advice, to this end, Ruibang smart every year to invite all the food business-related technical staff to my company to do technical exchange seminars, on the one hand can solve the problem of headaches for customers, On the other hand to listen to each technical staff on the equipment requirements for the design and manufacture of equipment to take a good foundation, but also for different needs of customers to develop equipment to meet their requirements. Truly for customers want to achieve customer and business win-win.