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A list of evaluation behind the "Heroes" - the traditional industry to upgrade to see one of the South Lake series

A list of evaluation behind the "Heroes" - the traditional industry to upgrade to see one of the South Lake series

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Tax 9.814 million yuan ... ... This is Zhejiang Ruibang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. 2016 transcripts. Nanhu District has just announced the rules of industrial enterprises in the comprehensive evaluation, Ruibang to 141.9 high score, ranked the region 328 rules on the seventh business.
Quietly, Ruibang has gone through 14 years of development, fourteen years of trials and hardships, Ruibang achieved results for all to see. Ruibang in 2008 to become a high-tech enterprises, March 10, 2016 and successfully listed on the new three boards; sales income from less than 5 million yuan to the current more than 90 million yuan; product structure from a single smoked Furnace, rolling machine developed to the division of transport, slaughter and processing of intelligent equipment; the average monthly wage income from 2,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan. These changes are enough to prove that Rebok has grown from a small factory in a family-style workshop to a modern enterprise that has begun to take shape. The achievement of these achievements is the result of the concerted efforts of all Swiss people.
A sales income has not yet billions of equipment manufacturing enterprises, the overall quality of how can lead the South Lake District counterparts? The answer is "fine tip".
A basket of fresh duck neck into the machine, after thawing, halogen, packaging and other processes, and ultimately become fragrant halogen products, the entire production process all by the software MES system precise control, not only a significant reduction in the labor force, but also to avoid the workshop Cross-contamination of logistics. This intelligent automatic halogen production equipment, by the Swiss independent research and development production.
More than 10 years, Ruibang company has been focused on the central kitchen, meat processing and other intelligent production lines, automatic meat splitting equipment, smokers, rolling kneading and other products research and development, has been rated for 9 consecutive years as "high technology Enterprise ", and access to nearly 40 patents, smoked furnace and other six products even more enterprises to become the industry standard drafting unit.
And then to the industrial enterprises "will test" when the list
A drop of water can reflect the sun's light, Ruibang is the South Lake rules on the industrial "this dripping."
Last week, China Nanhu Network released a document - Nanhu District 2016 annual industrial enterprises comprehensive evaluation classification results released. This year's "will test", as usual in the South Lake District, small and medium enterprises caused no small response.
Nanhu District, small and medium enterprises on the "list" of concern, due to the evaluation results directly affect the vital interests of enterprises. Nanhu District by the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced for two consecutive years included in the class D enterprises, not only electricity, water and other energy nuclear quantification 20% discount, and electricity per kilowatt-hour to increase 0.1 yuan per cubic meter of water Fare increase 0.3 yuan, sewage treatment fee is doubly charged, can not enjoy the benefits of preferential policies such as wages. For companies that have been included in Category D for three consecutive years, they will implement more stringent differentiated resource allocation measures.
This year, Nanhu District, a total of 328 enterprises and 1332 enterprises under the rules into the scope of evaluation.
Compared with the previous year evaluation, this year's evaluation of the content more comprehensive, scientific and assessment indicators in addition to acres of tax revenue, the average industrial added value, the unit energy consumption of industrial added value, unit emissions of industrial added value, full labor productivity, this year Will also study and experimental development expenditure accounted for the proportion of operating income is also included in the evaluation, and further highlights the importance of scientific and technological innovation.
In addition to these six indicators, some can not use the data intuitively reflect the content, Nanhu District is the use of "addition and subtraction" form to be reflected. Such as a scientific and technological innovation, the establishment of national R & D institutions, the establishment of academicians expert workstation business, the cumulative maximum of 10 points. On the motherboard or the new three board listed companies were added 3 points, 1 point, but did not meet the safety of production standardization of the three companies were reduced by 1 point.
An enterprise medical examination "thermometer"
"The purpose of the implementation of comprehensive evaluation of industrial enterprises, is through the confused, to speed up the transformation and upgrading of Nanhu District." Nanhu District by the letter of Commerce Bureau official told reporters that the evaluation results are like thermometers, can better reflect the region's industrial enterprises Situation, in order to better "the right medicine" for the government and related departments to provide the basis for accurate service.
In fact, through the comprehensive evaluation of the past few years, enterprises to advance the atmosphere is very strong, directly accelerated the region's economic volume, quality of the simultaneous upgrade.
From the 2016 annual "will test report card" to see, compared with 2013, last year, Nanhu District regulations on the enterprise acres of tax revenue from 159,000 yuan to 17.9 million yuan, the average industrial added value increased from 602,000 yuan to 70.5 Million yuan, the unit of pollutant emissions, full labor productivity and other indicators have also been significantly improved.
From the four categories of enterprises, listed as a class of 49 companies, without exception, high-tech enterprises, strategic emerging industries, including Garcibo Compressor Co., Ltd., Minhui auto parts, Wen Tai Communications, days Such as Liangyou Wood, Sen Chuang fashion, Fulin Chemical Fiber and other traditional enterprises. The company is a leading manufacturer of high-quality enterprises, such as the United States and the United States.
Some people are happy and worrying This year there are 16 companies were classified as counterattack remediation enterprises. In these D-class enterprises, most of the traditional industries and enterprises, because the product can not keep up with market demand, mismanagement and other reasons, one of the enterprises from the C class or even class B down to class D enterprises.
"To the generation of heroes" survival of the fittest, comprehensive evaluation effectively promoted the competitiveness of enterprises in the South Lake area. In 2016, the Nanhu District regulations on the total profits and taxes of 5.104 billion yuan, an increase of 59.9%, of which the total profit of 3.272 billion yuan, an increase of 96.2%, the regional regulations on industrial enterprises total profits and profits growth rate of 7 Month ranked first in Jiaxing City.